My Story

A Love of Words

My entire life, words have been a great love of mine.  I devoured books as a child, and I began to notice errors in nearly everything I read as I got older. 

I always knew I wanted words to play a huge part in my professional life, whether it was through reading, writing, or editing and proofreading. 

But I never had the chance to let that happen until now. I have finally found the courage to chase fervently after the dream job I have always imagined.  

Learning Experiences

In 2010, I completed a bachelor's degree in communication from Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. This path led me to take several classes that taught me about the power of communicating effectively, with words and without. With my minor in creative writing, I was able to take this learning in another direction and focus more on written communication in the form of poetry and prose. 

My professional career after graduation has allowed me to develop essential skills in catching grammatical as well as numerical errors and writing in a professional way. I have also become comfortable with adapting to sudden deadlines, managing confidential correspondence, and handling high-volume workloads.  

Present & Future

I have successfully completed the course Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice, during which I studied and proofread over 3,000 pages of transcripts and learned my way around technical, medical, construction, and insurance terminology. This intensive and specific training only adds to my love of words and my passion for this line of work. 

I feel that life is too short to waste the precious free time we have worrying over the small stuff. I want to help court reporters take back their time by providing a second set of trained eyes to read over their transcripts and help them turn in excellence every time.