Job Process

My Method

I typically proofread transcripts as PDFs and return any annotated pages as PDFs as well. When I receive the email with your transcript, I will confirm receipt and notify you of the return time and billing rate. 

I will make corrections to spelling and punctuation errors, paying special attention to homophones and transposed words, while also verifying names and contact information. I will proof directly in your PDF document so that you will be able to easily find my proposed changes.

Resources & Preferences

I was trained to proofread using Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters, The Gregg Reference Manual, and Margie Wakeman Wells' Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation. Rules are extremely important in this business, but sometimes, they need to be broken. For this reason, I also ask each reporter to let me know of any specific preferences they have in order for me to get to know your style a bit better.